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Directed by Marc Webb, the American superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made it big among Marvel fans like us across the nation. Hitting 2 hours and 22 minutes long, it made $709 million in the box office when released on May 2 of 2014 and took over $200 million to produce. The movie was filmed mainly in New York, as that’s where the story is set of course. Andrew Garfield stars as Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

The Film

Overall, the entire film is shot at an incredibly high quality, even in 3D. It’s clear that the 200 million plus dollars spent on this movie were well used on screen. Even the 3D versions of this feature have some of the best quality we’ve seen in any superhero movie of the past.

Regarding the storyline, the film even starts off by capturing the viewer’s attention. It begins with a throwback of what happened to Peter and his parents. The production team does a great job of reviewing the last movie by not just going over what happened in short snippets, but also adding deeper and more relevant information about his parents and what happened to them. While it’s a mystery to Peter, the viewers in the audience know what really went down. This captures their attention while also helping them remember what happened in the preceding motion picture. A similar method is used when we see Parker imagining Gwen’s now dead father all across New York. The two have an argument about Parker’s promise to Gwen’s dad saying that he would stay away from her for her own safety. This, once again, brings viewers to remember the happenings of the last film. Overall, the writers do a great job at transitioning from one movie to the next.

Many believe this feature and the one before it (The Amazing Spider-Man) better matches the true character and story from the comics, where the first three Spider Man films were too dark and didn’t really depict Spider-Man in his true form. For example, the real character is far more sarcastic and has a humorous twist. That character we all know and love is conveyed better in these new movies. This is especially the case in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when we get humor almost right off the bat as Spidey fights his first rounds of criminals and bad guys. Forbes Magazine even wrote an article saying they have “finally witnessed the Spider-Man movie I’ve been waiting for my entire life” because of this new and far more accurate representation of Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

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A Quick Summary of Spider-man 2

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker is obviously loving his powers and takes on his new job at New York’s hero with confidence. However, when the three villains Electro, Rhino, and the Green Goblin emerge, our hero has to prepare for his biggest battle yet. Not only does Peter have to save New York, but he also is dealing with his personal relationships between Gwen and his old friend Harry Osborn once he returns from boarding school. Things get even more complicated when Harry becomes a villain himself. Soon, Parker comes to realize that all his enemies are related to where everything began: Oscorp.

The plotline itself matches up pretty closely to the first three Spider-Man films, but is made unique by a fresh writing style, a few interesting plot twists, and new actors. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. The villains are played by Jamie Fox as Electro, Paul Giamatti as Rhino, and Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin. Other notable characters include Campbell Scott at Peter’s dad, Richard Parker, and Embeth Davidtz as his mother, Mary Parker. Finally, Colm Feore plays Donald Menken and Sally Field stars as Aunt May.

Film Easter Eggs

As any experienced Marvel fan knows, there’s more to these films than the movie itself. Not only does Stan Lee, the creator of all things Marvel and more, appear in cameos throughout every production, but there are also clips at the end of each movie that add to the complexities of the Marvel universe, heroes, and plots. These are Easter Eggs for fans. The Amazing Spider Man did have an easter egg scene at the end of the credits that alluded to Mr. Fierce, the man who assembled the Sinister Six to take Spider-Man down. However, The Amazing Spider Man 2 did not have any end-credit easter egg. Although the end credits easter egg didn’t exist in this film, the credits themselves revealed symbols for the rest of the Sinister Six characters (all of whom are villains originating from Oscorp).

The overall movie production and film quality, the accuracy to the comics, the actors, and the easter eggs all work together perfectly to make this one of the best Spider-Man films before Homecoming with Tom Holland. Overall, we can tell there was a lot of effort put into The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to make the film as amazing as it is.